Are powerfully handmade, hand-painted, hand-stitched totems.

These little guys range from size 5 1/2″ to 7 1/2″ and are stuffed with various aromatics and cotton batting.

They can be custom designed in color size and arm position. (contact me)

Each doll is carefully crafted with mental neutrality and visual clarity so when you receive yours, it is suggested that you burn sage smoke to clean them before placement.

The ones shown have been SOLD but are a good example of the diversity of character each one has.

5 1/2″ Doll $65.00

7 1/2″ Doll $85.00

Oshi Nightbird1 - 6 Oshi Nightbird1 - 5Oshi Nightbird1 - 4 Oshi Nightbird1 - 3Oshi Nightbird1 - 2Oshi Nightbird1 - 1