Car Totem – Medicine Bags

Car Totem – Medicine Bag
Design, Leather work and Prayers – Oshi Nightbird

You are looking at a custom designed and filled “Car Totem”. These bags are designed for the safety and welfare of the driver and the vehicle. I have personally used my totem for more than 15 years and never once had any form of collision. I am that confident in its power!

These bags come semi-filled with a certain type of Desert Sage that I hand harvest from New Mexico and the Cimarron Valley – NOT “white sage”… there is a huge difference.

When your bag arrives, you can put anything you want to keep close to you in it – the bag is not permanently sealed. I recommend items that are blessed, or small tokens from your Alter.

These bags must be custom ordered. Use the “Contact Me” page to order

They are somewhat large (4 to 5 inches long – 3 to 4 inches wide+ feathers and beads.)

Car Totems – $108.00 + Shipping

Commission Deposit $50.00

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