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Wet Mold Scout Bag

Wet Mold Scout Bag – 3 Tone
Design and Leather work – Oshi Nightbird

This is a “Dent and Bang” discounted bag! – I have ONE going up for sale – @ $100.00

This is a very hardy tool bag and can be used for many reasons. It has a 1-1/2 inch belt loop on the back and can be easily attached to a backpack or saddle bag.

** Will hold an iPhone 6 in it’s case, keys and other small items

Size of Bag – 5 3/4 Wide  x 6 1/2 Long

It is COMPLETELY water proof inside and out, and will last for generations!

2 Day Express Shipping $12.00

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Wet Mold Scout Bag with Slide Closure

Design and Leather work – Oshi Nightbird

Another sturdy tool bag with an “easy slide” metal closure. This one is made for a bit wider belt (1 1/2 inch belt loop on back) and is a double design to account for length of bag – can be easily attached to a backpack or saddle bag.

Size of Bag – 8 inches Wide x 5 1/4 Long

** Will hold iPhone 6 or 6+ in it’s case, keys, and other small items.

COMPLETELY water proof inside and out, and will last for generations!


2 Day Express Shipping $12.00

Scout Bag Metal Closure

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Oshi Nightbird LB1(w)1Oshi Nightbird LB3(w)1Oshi Nightbird LB2(w)1

Vintage Style Scout Bag

Scout Bag – Med/Small (fits iPhone 4, or 5, (in case) w/keys, and small wallet – Does not fit an iPhone 6
Pouch design and Leather work – Oshi Nightbird

I personally love this pouch and almost kept it for myself.

It is incredibly sturdy and completely WATERPROOF (inside and out) with a “quick open” strap and a 1-1/2 inch double belt loop on the back. Bag can be attached to a backpack or saddle bag.

Vintage Scout Bag (1 left exactly as shown) $163.00

If this one sells –  you can order one exactly like it (well almost) – Contact Me

2 Day Express Shipping $12.00

Vintage Leather Bag

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Medicine Bags

Medicine Bags

Design, Leather work, and Prayers – Oshi Nightbird

These are powerful medicine bags and come filled and tied (not sealed).

$56.00 – Please specify color of bead closure.

Each bag has an adjustable neck strap with a brass or silver bead and is made from the softest doe skin available. It wears very gently next to your skin and is designed with that in mind.

Your bag will arrive with exact instructions included with the pouch.

This batch was prepared to help with “broad spectrum” attack. Defense against human (and non-human) negativity in many forms.

I will be preparing another batch for “radiation defense” with a different leather casing. (not shown) or you can custom order one for your specific needs. (Contact Me)

Ingredients – plus prayers:

  • High mountain sage and Pinion wood – hand harvested by me from Taos New Mexico and the Cimarron Range
  • Pinion wood – is the “Grandfather” to all sages from NM, they always grow together and is a VERY strong cleanser in combination with the sage. (this is the “old way”)
  • Turquoise, pink quartz, and bees wax – these are all communication enhancers and stress relievers.

2 Day Express Shipping $6.00

Medicine Pouch

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