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Car Totem – Medicine Bags

Car Totem – Medicine Bag
Design, Leather work and Prayers – Oshi Nightbird

You are looking at a custom designed and filled “Car Totem”. These bags are designed for the safety and welfare of the driver and the vehicle. I have personally used my totem for more than 15 years and never once had any form of collision. I am that confident in its power!

These bags come semi-filled with a certain type of Desert Sage that I hand harvest from New Mexico and the Cimarron Valley – NOT “white sage”… there is a huge difference.

When your bag arrives, you can put anything you want to keep close to you in it – the bag is not permanently sealed. I recommend items that are blessed, or small tokens from your Alter.

These bags must be custom ordered. Use the “Contact Me” page to order

They are somewhat large (4 to 5 inches long – 3 to 4 inches wide+ feathers and beads.)

Car Totems – $108.00 + Shipping

Commission Deposit $50.00

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Medicine Bags

Medicine Bags

Design, Leather work, and Prayers – Oshi Nightbird

These are powerful medicine bags and come filled and tied (not sealed).

$56.00 – Please specify color of bead closure.

Each bag has an adjustable neck strap with a brass or silver bead and is made from the softest doe skin available. It wears very gently next to your skin and is designed with that in mind.

Your bag will arrive with exact instructions included with the pouch.

This batch was prepared to help with “broad spectrum” attack. Defense against human (and non-human) negativity in many forms.

I will be preparing another batch for “radiation defense” with a different leather casing. (not shown) or you can custom order one for your specific needs. (Contact Me)

Ingredients – plus prayers:

  • High mountain sage and Pinion wood – hand harvested by me from Taos New Mexico and the Cimarron Range
  • Pinion wood – is the “Grandfather” to all sages from NM, they always grow together and is a VERY strong cleanser in combination with the sage. (this is the “old way”)
  • Turquoise, pink quartz, and bees wax – these are all communication enhancers and stress relievers.

2 Day Express Shipping $6.00

Medicine Pouch

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